Updated Tuesday November 7, 2017 by CYO Board.

The Junior CYO Volleyball program participates in the Region 11 division.  It is open to all Nativity School and PREP students in grades 5th-8th.


Registration : There will be NO late registrations.

 *Once rosters have been forwarded to the Archdiocese office no new players can be added.

Volleyball Season – The Region 11 volleyball season runs from August 1th through October 31st. Practices may not begin before August 1th and all games and playoffs must be completed before November 1st.

Division – There are two divisions for the Junior CYO Volleyball program.  Junior Varsity team includes all players in 5th and 6th grades and the Varsity team includes all players in 7th and 8th grades. 

Levels - There are two levels of competition for both the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams.  The “A” level is considered a competitive level while Parish level is less competitive and more instructional. 

*It should be noted if we can only field one team in a particular level then that team must compete in the “A” level.  

 Evaluations -

  • Girls of both levels will have evaluations to determine placement.
  • There will be at least two evaluation practices that will be facilitated by the assigned coaches.  After the evaluations are completed, the coaches will determine the rosters for each team based upon individual abilities.
  • The schedule for evaluations will be communicated through the volleyball coordinator and volleyball coaches.

Practices - All practices will be held at the Nativity of Our Lord Community Center unless noted otherwise.

Games All home gmaes will be played at the Nativity of Our Lord Community Center unless noted otherwise.

Game Schedule – A scheduling meeting is planned and attended by all coaches participating in Region 11.  Schedules are not usually completed and confirmed until the beginning of September, usually the first week of school.  If your player plays on a travel team it is important to forward their travel schedule to their coaches prior to the meeting.  Every attempt is made to avoid conflict.

What to Bring – All athletes should wear sneakers, the appropriate size knee pads, volleyball and water bottle to all practices and games.

Uniforms –Uniforms are included in the registration/uniform fee and each athlete will keep their uniform. 

Pictures – A professional photographer will be taking team and individual pictures.   These pictures are optional. However, we do ask that all team members attend the photo date in order to have a complete team picture.  The scheduled Fall Sports picture date is September 26, 2011.  The times will be distributed by the coaches as well as in the school newsletter, parish bulletin and posted on the Junior CYO website.

Tournaments – Any CYO team that wishes to play in a tournament may do so but registration fees must be covered by the attending team.  Prior to a tournament commitment, the coach must be given permission by the Athletic Director.