Board Members

Updated Wednesday September 25, 2019 by CYO Board.

Name Position
Father Watson CYO Moderator
Brian Minster President (Executive Board)
Andre Colella Athletic Director (Executive Board)
Michael Sock Secretary and Webmaster (Executive Board)
Nicole McPeake Treasurer (Executive Board)
Rick Adamsky Advisory Board Member and Softball Coordinator
Matt Melinson Advisory Board Member and Basketball Coordinator
Tim Zwall Advisory Board Member and Track Coordinator


Mission Statement of Nativity of Our Lord CYO

Nativity of Our Lord CYO attempts to fulfill the needs of our youth socially and spiritually as well as fostering their athletic development. Our organization is meant to assist our youth in finding their identity in Christ, in understanding their responsibility towards others, and in developing a well-rounded personality. Nativity of our Lord CYO athletics and activities are open to all children of the parish as well as in our school in grades 3 through 8. Adults supporting our CYO mission are encouraged to become involved with planning and executing the various programs or by volunteering to coach.


Other Helpful Information

Nativity of Our Lord Junior CYO By-Laws


Monthly CYO Board Meetings

Nativity of Our Lord CYO board meets once a month during the course of the school year. If you would like the opportunity to address the Nativity of Our Lord CYO board please contact CYO board member.